The 30-day laundry challenge: 7 shitty things about doing Bikram yoga everyday

Most days I leave Bikram feeling refreshed and strong.

But there are days, like today, when I struggle through the postures, while sneaking glances at my fellow yogis who seem to blithely float through class on a luon-coated clouds.

This morning, during the first sequence of sun salutations, an old injury in my lower black flared up while I was doing Uttanasana (standing forward bend). I felt a sharp pang in my back and I froze for a minute, knees slightly bent, hands on my shins. The instructor – who is painfully nice – actually sidled up to me and asked ‘are you okay?’ I was so embarrassed. Did I look that bad? 

Some days your practice flows. Some days you’re a hot mess. Literally.

So in honour of my shitty day, here’s

7 shitty things about doing the 30-day Bikram Yoga challenge! 

1. You have to do laundry pretty much every day. This can’t be good for the environment.

You will spend almost as much time here as you do in the studio.

You will spend almost as much time here as you do in the studio.

2. Your life will revolve around the studio’s schedule. Feel like sleeping in? FORGET IT. You had better get to that A.M. class if you want to watch Duck Dynasty after work.

3. You have to shower. EVERY. DAY.  I swear, I’m tripling my daily water use. Also, its hard on your hair if you’re blowdrying/styling every day.

4. Bikram every day = NO RECOVERY. Did you injure yourself trying to “flow” out of headstand this morning? Maybe you should take it easy? NOPE.

5. You’ll turn down social invitations.  I’d really like to go for birthday drinks, but I have, like, twelve loads of laundry to do. K.BYE!

6. Your grooming standards will suffer. By day 4, I was grateful the dim lighting in the studio was helping hide the fact that I hadn’t shaved my legs in a while.

7. A Bikram studio is no place for a hangover. FOR REALS.

– Elle 


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