Day 15: Halfway there! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

ThanksgivingAfter hosting a dinner party for 7 people last night and stuffing myself with delicious turkey, pumpkin pie and plenty of wine, I had serious doubts about being able to drag myself to yoga this morning.

But one thing that buoyed my spirits was the fact that today is a milestone – I’ve reached the halfway point in the 30-day Bikram challenge!  Fifteen consecutive days of going to my mat!

I wish I could say that all I felt was pride, but there’s another, less welcome sensation competing for my attention.

My right wrist is hurting.

Around Day 12, or 13, I started to notice a faint pain. It became much worse after I pushed myself into wheel posture last Friday.

Now, I’m genuinely afraid that the pain in my wrist will prevent me from completing the challenge.

Apparently it’s very common for novice yoga practitioners to injure their wrists due. One of my instructors said that wrist pain actually starts in the shoulders – a limited range of motion or poor form in the shoulder can be downloaded onto weaker joints like the wrist.

For the time being, I’m going to continue going every day and I will try to modify all the postures that put weight on the wrists – especially downward dog.


The problem is actually my ego! It’s so hard to hold back, or completely omit postures, especially when I know I can do them and everyone else around me is doing them.

I’ve come to literally crave the flushing-out sensation that comes with going through Chaturanga and the entire Sun Salutation sequence,  but I’m going to have to ease up to prevent further injury.

I really, really want to finish this challenge.

I looked at the board today as I walked out of the studio – from the nearly 60 people who began this challenge, just 13 remain active, including yours truly.

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it to finish this!

– Elle




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