Day 21: When your body fails you

Good news gentle readers, I haven’t quit on my challenge yet! 21 days final

I came close, very close, to quitting the 30-day Bikram  hot yoga challenge a few days ago. My wrists were aching all the time. I couldn’t do up my bra without pain.

I was sorely tempted to stop. After all, this whole process was supposed to make me stronger, not worse off. But I was desperate to prove to myself that I could FINISH THIS THING, so I researched online and talked to instructors and came up with some workarounds that I think will get me to the finish line.

I’m modifying my postures and keeping weight off of my wrists. I’m doing dolphin instead of downward dog. I stay on my forearms for planks. No crow pose. No shoulder stands.

The first couple days, the modifications worked like a charm.

Then one morning, I jumped into the shower after class. As the water ran down my arms, the skin on my elbows began to scream. I had been rubbing the skin raw on my elbows!

Scab final

It’s more painful than it looks. I swear.

Once again, I came close to quitting. But I was so close that I just had to try to find a way.

So I went to the drug store and picked up these devastatingly attractive elbow braces:

elbow brace

They look a little like water wings.

So far, so good!

I might actually finish this thing!  Don’t they say it takes 21 consecutive days of performing an action to make it a habit? Maybe not.

My elbows are still sore, but I’m feeling strong, and these days,  when I sit back into Utkatasana (chair pose), I feel like I could stay there all day.

– Elle


7 thoughts on “Day 21: When your body fails you

    • Thanks for reading Sophia! I hear you, even now, I hesitate to say that I’m a ‘Bikram person’. I actually don’t even like the heat! But Bikram always leaves me feeling exhausted and peaceful… and I love a challenge!

  1. Oh, you poor thing! Those elbows look super painful 😦 I’m a little confused though – are you doing a Bikram challenge? Or some other form of yoga? There are no Dolphin/Downward Dog/Crow/Shoulder Stand poses in Bikram, and I also don’t think there are any postures that would be rubbing your elbows like that!

    • Hey kerryalina, good catch! Yes, I’m doing my challenge at a studio that offers ‘hot yoga’. I only recently discovered that hot yoga studios are NOT the same as Bikram! From now on, I’ll have to refer to my challenge as a 30-day ‘hot yoga’ challenge since my studio is not based on the official 26-posture Bikram practice…. I’m still a bit of a yoga novice!

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